Saturday, November 7, 2009


This is the leg of my journey i like to refer to as 'hitting a brickwall'.

With a very vague idea of what I aimed to achieve from this trip, I landed in New York. Full of excitement, ready for adventure yet scared of taking the first step. The next few days disappeared with me idlying around in my NY-Home, not sure of how to put my plans into play. Kept hitting a brickwall. Sun rose each morning, and it went down, but the confusion never did. Where do i start, should i take a bus, train, flight, and where to, what was meant to be my first destination. After a slight push from my uncle my first domestic flight was booked, I would be departing for LA in exactly a week.

Seven days.

Too close yet too far. The anticipation rose, yet there were abundant things around me at home keeping me distracted.

Intermittent weekend was a long weekend, and it went off in a blur with a visit to the U.S. Open, Six Flags and before I knew it, it was the day before departure.

And yet I had no idea what I was headed for. Reading up forums of experienced travelers, backpackers, the head just got more and more clogged. Was I looking for some earthy adventures or just a week at some beach, or maybe endless vegas chilling, or a mix of all. Packing was another ordeal. Since I had no idea where I would be, what would be the essentials. Did i require camping gear, or a party dress, summer shorts, or a thick jacket? One tip which clicked in my head was 'the lighter you travel, the further you can go'. After much reluctance, and endless cajoling from my uncle, i packed light. Out went my boots, and in came Converse. No fancy stuff, no creams blah blah. Hell! Was I doomed to look like an alien if god forbid, I land in Vegas?

So anyway, with a backpack and a small bag I was set.

And the date was, 09/09/09.

My last thought before leaving home - "Everyone looks so excited about my journey, you bet I'm gonna be back home in a couple of days." But ofcourse that was before I rediscovered myself :)

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