Saturday, November 7, 2009

How is all started!


The idea started before I was set out for my law final year exams at Cardiff university. Everyone seemed to have become a victim of the so-called travel bug. Constant talks before-during-after exams, planning, scheduling, tickets. Library PC's reeked of travel itineraries, printer dustbins full of waste ticket printouts, students sitting with a coursebook in hand and travel website in front. After being constantly exposed to such a dangerous atmosphere, we started out with our own travel plans. These plans rotated between a lavish holiday, backpacking, tour package, euro-tour, west coast to east coast, carribean, south india, bangkok and finally giving up! I seemed to be 'done' and just needed to get away, go home and sleep. My sleep seemed more important to me than anything else in the world at that point, exams came a close second. So exams ended, and there seemed to be just one solution for the post-exam restlessness. A flight home.

As it turned out, being home wasn't very fruitful either cause my need-for-sleep disappeared within a few days, and then started the constant charade of what next, what not next. My head was too full of my last two years, making the transition into work life an ardous task. I figured the only way to make it happen was some time alone to clear my head, away from the life i'd had, and a month in an unknown land seemed like the only way to find answers. So two months went down in research, series of misconceptions, constant fickle-mindedness and finally I knew it, California was the place. An awesome family that I have, they encouraged the idea and almost in a daze, there it was - my return ticket to new york :)

All about my first destination, my experiences, the different perspectives on america, the reality behind the silver screen, is to follow in my future entries. Hope I can keep the readers mildly engrossed. Please do subscribe :-)

Thank you Mom, Nitin Mamu and Srishti Mami for the encouragement, advice and for making this possible ( this is not meant to sound like an oscar-acceptance speech) - I love you guys alot.

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