Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hyderabad : The city of pearls.

Been three months in this idiosyncratic city, and life more than demands recording all that's been experienced, learned (if anything), and the varied experiences this charming old town city offers. At times it feels like my learning has reached nowhere. On the other side, the nomad in me feels restless feeling the exploration has reached its peak and time to move on might be quite near.

I've met all kinda people in this rustic city, people who love it to their core, people who wouldn't want anything more than getting out, and others who have spent years making up their mind. I'm just an observer who may not connect with this town ever.

For the eternal romantics there's plenty in this town to keep em satiated, from the cloudy evenings at Hussain Sagar Lake, late night walks along necklace road and what nots.

And for the nomads there's the old city, where charminar and Haleem entrances and lures you to their heritage.

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